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Events & Catering

We plan all kinds of events, applying our cocktail expertise and skills to provide quality service for your needs and special requests. Our team of experienced professional bartenders will make all the difference at any event, ensuring a smooth operation from beginning to end. We are happy to help you with catering as well, should you get hungry during the hours spend with us.

We shape our service at events around the following three components:

The Cocktail
We are passionate about cocktails, and the taste speaks for itself. Every cocktail we create is made with love & attention to detail. We can also create new cocktails to suit any occasion. We base our cocktails on taste, presentation and style to exceed your expectations.

The Quality
To word it simply, we do not compromise quality. We work with the best ingredients only; fruits, juices, spirits, liqueurs, champagnes and wines are all handpicked for their specific qualities, and we continue to source the finest raw products from around the world.

The Crowd
We can cater for almost any size event, from small receptions to larger ones with millions of guests. Well maybe not millions, but quite a few anyway.

If this sounds like a fit for your next special occasion, please call us or send us an email at