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Ruby on the road

The Challenge

We love a challenge and promise to deliver highest standards when it comes to cocktails & drinks service, both in our bar on a daily basis, but also at events. Our team of experienced professional bartenders will make all the difference at any event, ensuring a smooth operation from beginning to end.

Our approach relies on focusing entirely on these three aspects:

The Cocktail

We are passionate about cocktails. And it shows. Every single cocktail produced is made with love & attention to detail. On top of that we are able to create new cocktails to suit any occasion. We will bend over backwards to exceed your expectations when it comes to taste, presentation & style. You will be amazed at what’s possible.

The Quality
Quality is essential to our business and we never compromise. We work with the best ingredients only; fruits, juices, spirits, liqueurs, Champagnes and wines are all handpicked for their specific qualities, and we continue to source the finest raw products from around the world.

The Crowd
We can cater for almost any size event, from small receptions to larger ones of millions of guests. Well maybe not millions, but quite a few anyway.

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