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Ruby Cocktail Salons

What are Ruby Cocktail Salons?

Ruby Cocktail Salons is your chance to invite a group of friends, colleagues or clients on a journey into the fabulous world of cocktails and spirits. We provide the scenery and entertainment while you and your guests get an interactive experience to taste our finest ingredients, as we spill secrets about the history of your drink.

All in all, this is an opportunity to learn more about cocktails and spirits from some of Denmark’s finest bartenders, in a laid-back and friendly atmosphere. Ruby’s Cocktail Salons celebrate the finest spirits in the world, and is a perfect way to spend your afternoon or to begin your evenings on a cheerful note.

Suggested Themes for your Salon Session:

Birth of the Cocktail                                                                                             If you choose to center your salons around this theme, we unravel the mystery of how cocktails came to be. This journey explores the early beginnings of spirits and ancient crude concoctions that eventually evolved into the elegant cocktails you see today. The culture around cocktails has gone through tremendous transformation and holds many great tales.

Gin                                                                                                                         Gin has become a worldwide success in recent years, but exactly how did this popular spirit stand apart from the others? If you are as passionate about gin as us, let us share with you the bold story of how gin transformed from a stigmatic drug into a one of the world’s most popular spirits.

Whisky                                                                                                        This is a spirit that spread from the highlands of Scotland and took the world by storm. The Japanese kept the traditional Scottish spelling, while the Irish and Americans added the ‘e’ to ‘Whiskey’ to honor their unique takes on the spirit. If you prefer this delightful amber-liquid, let your salons be a chance to discover the magnificent worldwide evolution of whisky.

Rum                                                                                                              Few spirits have travelled the world quite like rum. You may recall drunken Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of Caribbean topping off a bottle of rum, which was indeed the preferred alcoholic drink that roamed the pirate ships and British Navy of its time. Rum has incredible tales to tell, that began when Christopher Columbus brought sugarcane from Indonesia over to the Caribbean. Needless to say, this spirit has been on a long journey, eventually ending up in the bright Mojitos and Daiquiris we see today. If rum is your choice of spirit, let it be the subject of your salons!

A Tale Of The North                                                                               When it comes to exotic tales, we tend to overlook our own Scandinavian roots, which are actually filled with buried drunken stories. The acient Scandanavian traditions for alcohol concoctions such as akvavit and fruit brandies hold many great anecdotes to entertain our salons. The stories may seem silly – from the casual yet astounding amount of alcohol consumed by a Danish priest, to the military’s drunken dangers of over-intoxications in the morning hours – but they have one thing in common: They serve as captivating stories today!

Once you have decided the subject, it’s time to tailor the group package of your salons.

We offer our Ruby Cocktail Salons in the following sizes of cost and time. Prices are are listed per person along with a short description of what the price includes.

*Required minimum of 10 attendees to book our salons.
  • 275 DKK Includes 2 cocktails and 1-hour salons orchestrated by one of our experienced bartenders.
  • 350 DKK Including 1 glass of champagne at arrival, 2 cocktails and a 1.5-hour salons carefully tended by one of our experienced bartenders.
  • 450 DKK Includes 1 glass of champagne at arrival, 2 luxury cocktails and a 1.5 to 2-hour salons where we turn everything up a notch.
  • 800 DKK  If you want your salons to be quizzical look no further. This is where we dig deep in the treasure chest and dust off the antique bottles. Expect eccentric champagne and peculiar cocktails with curious spirits. Duration and cocktail vary depending on theme.

To book your salon please call us or leave a message in the contact form below so we can accommodate for your specific needs.




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