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Events & Spirit Sessions


Are you in need of an event space or just like all of us dying for a cocktail in company of good friends, colleagues or worst enemies?

We plan all kinds of events and make use of our cocktail skills and knowledge in many ways. Special requests are welcome.

We are happy to help you with catering as well, should you get hungry during the hours spend with us.

Check out the press package for pictures or the event folder for more inspiration.

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Invite a group of friends, colleagues or clients to start the evening with a journey in to the fabulous world of cocktails and spirits.

Need a bit of inspiration?
How about some of these themes:

From El Draque to Mojito; Trace the origin of the mojito through pirates and aguadiente.

Gin – Old Tom vs London Dry; Mother’s ruin and scurvy of the working class. What is gin really, and where does it come from?

The Martini – From Martinez to Dry Martini; take a stroll down memory lane and discover where it all started.

Outside of peak hours (i.e. not Friday and Saturday after 6 p.m.) we invite groups of minimum 10 guests to learn all there is to know about your favourite cocktails or spirits. Sitting at our bar, you will be guided through the history and interesting facts about your chosen subjects, be it the Dry Martini cocktails, single malt whiskey, Caribbean rums or something completely different.

Using the finest ingredients available we will prepare some outstanding cocktails for the group, while telling all about the background and history of what you are drinking.

All in all it’s an opportunity to learn more about cocktails from some of Denmark’s finest bartenders, in a laid-back and informal atmosphere. A new and innovative way of entertaining, Ruby’s Spirit Sessions is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or start a night out, so give us a call and we’ll take it from there...

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