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WORLDS 50 BEST BARS 2016… we’re on the list!!!

Ohhhh what a glorious day!

Today, some eagerly anticipated news came in…

We have been waiting anxiously for weeks to see if we, also in 2017, could crown our selves to be part of the prestigious list over the Worlds 50 Best Bars.

The news is good!!!


Therefor we are proud to announce that RUBY is for yet another year able to pride ourselves with a spot on the list of the Worlds 50 Best Bars!

We are humbled, proud and honored, that so many industry experts and friends from around the world have decided to cast their vote our way again this year!

Now a few exciting months awaits until 6th October where we will find out what position we will take on this years list, when we meet up with colleagues and friends from around the globe, to take part in the countdown presented in London.

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all you wonderful guests that keeps coming back for more! Thank you for your support! We truly love you all!

#RUBYcph #Worlds50BestBars